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8th November 2020



Adverts for the major CMS and website builders such as Wordpress and Wix are now ubiquitous across social media and even television. You may well be tempted to build your own site when starting up a new business... It's got to be easy to build an affordable, professional and beautiful looking website, right!? That's what the ads say, anyway!

Whilst not bluntly saying using such platforms as mentioned above is a bad idea, we at Eurographics feel the cons associated with them far outweigh the benefits of hiring experts like us to develop your website from scratch. We urge you to consider the following points...


Stand apart


A whopping 30% of all sites on the internet right now are built on Wordpress and you'd be forgiven for wanting to choose such a proven quantity. But what does that mean for your website?


The big web builder platforms typically center around templates and as a result much of the web ends up looking the same. Templates kill creativity and make for bland, sterile design that goes unnoticed. Do you want your website design to follow the herd or stand out from the crowd?


Safe as houses


Because so many sites are built with Wordpress, it regularly becomes the target of hackers. Any vulnerability can affect your users and bring a negative impact to your credibility. There has also been a general push to make all websites run over a secure network (https). Your website might well not have any kind of login, or any forms, but nonetheless visitors can be put off if they see your website is not secure.


We offer all our customers a secure certificate for their custom domain name, free of charge. And, because all our sites are built using a less well known, yet rock solid platform, we're not the focus of hackers and other internet baddies.


Looks are deceiving


Many web builders offer a variety of stylish website templates. The attraction is the low price or the possibility to get started without having to hire a designer.


The weak point emerges when you download the theme and find out that it doesn't suit your brand identity quite as well as you imagined it would. When you insert your own media, the template doesn’t look so “premium” and stylish as it used to in the preview (template designers spend hours sourcing pictures from photo libraries that match each other perfectly).


Later, when you decide to customize the bought theme, you have to hire a developer, even if you tried to avoid it in the very beginning. We design websites around your content and we'll teach you how to edit it using an intuitive CMS centred around a layout engine, not a template based platform.

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